Weekend away – Yurting

Weekend away – Yurting

I’ve got a good close-knit group of friends that I absolutely adore.  I had a rocky start to 2016 – so early on in the year I decided I wanted to have a weekend away with as many of “The Familia” as possible.

I take organising very seriously, so started searching for something that would suit us all – taking into account I needed to pitch the idea over our group chat to a pregnant friend and some of the girls that don’t like camping, the price needed to be right and as some of the group have kiddies they didn’t want to go away for too long or be too far away…

Challenge accepted..!


I’m a festival bunny and nothing – NOTHING makes me happier than being a field full of my friends watching live music and drinking beers – as Glastonbury was out of the question (it’s not really everyone’s cup of tea) I searched for “Glamping” as I thought – the girls that don’t want to rough it can still have a decent bed and there are usually washing facilities in these type of places too.

I came across THE most amazing place – Seren Retreat Shiva & Shakti Yurts – it was suitable for all 13 of us; there was a gas hob to cook on, and electricity to charge our phones & plug some speakers into.  We had the field to ourselves so didn’t have to worry about disturbing anyone with our shenanigans.  They weren’t too far away from us being located in Gower Peninsula, Wales – so they were perfect.

So most of the group was free August bank holiday, we were all excited to have a weekend of belly laughs! I booked both Yurts for the three nights and arranged for everyone to send me payments each month.

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Friday of the bank holiday had arrived; the weather was on our side and we were all packed – with enough bags for what looked like a month!  We drove the hour & half down and on arrival were greeted by Rex & Alaea the owners.

As we entered the field where the yurts were situated I got so excited when I noticed two stunning horses and two billy goats next to the decking that led to the yurt, they were able to roam freely around the fields – and I’m the biggest animal lover so was over the moon to adopt these lot as our weekend pets!  There was also a cat that lived on the land and she was very friendly, her name is Houmous, we let her sleep in the yurt with us – but if you dont want to she will sleep in her home.

We were celebrating a birthday while there so we decorated the decking with balloons and bunting & made Pimms cocktails in mason jars.

The yurts sleep 6 per yurt, and there was space for an air bed so we had enough room in each for all our party.  There is 4 single futon beds and a double sofa bed- you need to take bedding so we just took a duvet and sleeping bags.  Each yurt has a private compost loo, which basically looked like a tiny shed but had a non flushing toilet and a sink to wash your hands and that was just being each yurt.

I can’t express how much I recommend anyone close by to stay here during summer, it was an amazing experience shared with amazing friends.  The memories of us all sat around the campfire roasting marshmallows & singing Oasis while my friend Miffa played his guitar will stay with me forever.

We booked through  a third-party site as this is how I found them –  Quality Unearthed

You could also book directly with Seren Retreat


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  1. Hayley
    January 14, 2017 / 6:12 pm

    Im just reading this one and I have a tear! I loved this weekend, such amazing memories! Xxx

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