Bath Christmas Markets

Bath Christmas Markets

My Christmas has officially started!  The tree is up – we had our first lot of snow yesterday and for the third year running I’ve been up to Bath Christmas Market to really get into the festive spirit!  I wanted to rave about the Christmas markets in Bath this year because I really had one of the nicest days out ever!  There are still a few days left of this years market so if you haven’t already been – try and get up there this weekend.

They have over 200 chalets there this year that offer everything from Christmas ornaments to locally produced food and drink.  The majority of stalls are local and small business’ so it makes it extra special to know you are supporting someone locals dream when you purchase from them.  This year was pretty impressive to see how many talented and creative small businesses there are so close to home!  You could spend hours just walking along trying their samples and hearing all about their products.  There is something for everyone and the atmosphere is magical!  Georgie Portie Puddings where a favourite for me this year – I think between us we left with 6 Christmas puddings!  Including a chocolate orange & baileys one which I tried and absolutely loved!


I noticed lots of different spirits, chutneys & cheese – and I believe I spent Rhys spent close to £70 on cheese alone this year!  It was all too darn good!!

I went up with Rhys and my parents last weekend which made it extra special as my dad has never been and he is the biggest kid when Christmas comes round – he loves the carols – the food – the decorations and lights!  All of it.  It was like seeing a kid enter Disneyland seeing him take in all the hustle and bustle of the Christmas markets.  We drove up and parking was easy – walked down and drank mulled wine while we mooched around all the stalls for a few hours before stopping for a warm up and a gingerbread latte.



In Bath there is also a shop called “December 25th” and they sell the most incredible baubles and other decorations.  I have made it a tradition over the last few years to buy a new decoration each year I go.  This year I ended up with three new additions.  I also managed to pick up a beautiful snow globe – ive been on the look out for a traditional looking one since I moved into my own house but they were always either too expensive or not quite what I was looking for – but I managed to find a beautiful one on a market stall.  Its even more special now as it will remind me of my perfect Christmas Day with my parents & Rhys.


I treasure days out with my family and my latest trip to Bath with them will make me smile always.  I hoping this is a new tradition that my mam and dad come with us each year now as its a beautiful city and their Christmas Market is one of the best I’ve been too.

What Christmas markets have you visited and recommend – and have you been to Bath what did you think?  Leave me a message in my comments with recommendations.



  1. Linda Small
    December 9, 2017 / 3:23 pm

    Had a fabulous day and going on Friday was such good idea defiantly go again next year. Wonderful blog once again jade xx

    • approachwithcoffee
      December 9, 2017 / 7:12 pm

      Agree Friday was much easier than a weekend wasn’t it! ❤️🎄

  2. Hayley
    December 9, 2017 / 6:51 pm

    Making special memories and drowning in cheese 😍 I love this article! Xxxx

    • approachwithcoffee
      December 9, 2017 / 7:13 pm

      We love a bit of cheese don’t we Bub x

  3. Ashleigh
    December 10, 2017 / 11:34 am

    I love Bath Christmas market it’s an annual tradition for my family too ❤️ so glad you all had a lovely time. Another fab post xxx

  4. Ashleigh
    December 10, 2017 / 11:36 am

    We didn’t go in the December 25th shop this year or get any cheese / puddings and I feel like I need to go again now after reading this 😂😫 xx

  5. December 12, 2017 / 3:39 am

    OMG! These shops look amazing! I’m not exactly a shopper but if I were to be there I’m sure I’ll be purchasing small items here and there 😅
    I was debating for so long whether I should get a Nutcracker for this Christmas and I see those in your post and I’m dying for it *luckily Bath Christmas Market is so far away from where I am LOL*

  6. The traveller
    December 12, 2017 / 6:40 am

    What a beautiful Christmas market. The blog brings it to life for anyone who hasn’t visited a Christmas market. The photos compliments it. Thanks for sharing and.

  7. December 22, 2017 / 4:52 pm

    This post puts me right in the Christmas spirit. Thank you!

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